Bear Lake Day Trips

  • Montpelier, Idaho– 40 minute drive -tour the Oregon Trail Museum for a better understanding of how Bear Lake Valley fit into the pioneer’s trek west, then visit the Butch Cassidy Museum, and either on your way or coming back visit the Paris Tabernacle in Paris Idaho.
  • Butch Cassidy Museum
  • Paris Tabernacle Tours. The Tabernacle is open daily from 9:30am to 5:30pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day. To schedule a private or group tour please contact Robert and Cheryl Eborn (208) 339-2613 or (208) 360-3407.
  • Fossil Butte National Monument
    Take a quick 50 minute drive to one of the most interesting places to discover fossils and dinosaurs! Some of the world’s best preserved fossils are found in the flat-topped ridges of southwestern Wyoming’s cold sagebrush desert. Fossilized fishes, insects, plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals are exceptional for their abundance, variety, and detail of preservation. Most remarkable is the story they tell of ancient life in a subtropical landscape.
Lava Hot Springs
Paris Ice Caves
Oregon Trail Museum
fossil Butte