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Bear Lake Utah

Exploring Bear Lake Utah: A Guide to Adventure, Relaxation, and Natural Beauty

The Oso Blu yurt resort is on many acres set above the iconic blue water of Bear Lake Utah and is nestled in the foothills of Garden City. Vivid summer wildflowers and wildlife are abundant, and autumn leaves put on quite a show. The views are only matched by the unlimited recreational access available to you and your family right from your doorstep. Oso Blu’s location is perfect being just one mile from the Bear Lake State Park Marina for boat launching, and sandy beaches are within walking distance or a short drive to Garden City Park boardwalk, only a few miles to Cache National forest and Logan canyon which offer many hiking, biking opportunities and motorized trails. We assume you like watersports! Oso Blu’s location makes every aspect of boating available including paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, and sailing, if it is done on the water it’s available and convenient to you and your family while staying at Oso Blu. Do you fish? I hope so, because Bear Lake has some of the largest lake trout in the state of Utah and a fish pond for the kids a short walk from your front door located at Garden City’s Heritage Park. If you prefer river fishing, you are just minutes away from Logan River where the fish are abundant, the crowds are minimal, and the mountain serenity is unmatched. Do you need a UTV or ATV motorized adventure?  If so, head out on your adventure from our property with hundreds of miles of motorized access in the surrounding mountains. Time to hit the mountain or road bike, buckle your helmet for rides you will never forget.  Bear Lake has become a hot bed for road racing around the lake and was recently a part of the Tour of Utah professional race broadcast worldwide. And for families with children Oso Blu connects directly with the  Garden City Bike Path for some great adventures! Oso Blu is uniquely positioned to provide your family the best experience in the Bear Lake Area.

Bear Lake, Utah is a true hidden gem nestled in the Rocky Mountains, straddling the border between Utah and Idaho. This stunning turquoise lake spans over 100 square miles and offers a plethora of recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the beauty and charm of Bear Lake, Utah, its rich history, and the many opportunities for adventure that await visitors.

History of Bear Lake

Before we delve into the various attractions and activities that Bear Lake has to offer, let’s take a moment to appreciate its rich history. The area surrounding Bear Lake has been inhabited for centuries, with evidence of early Native American presence dating back thousands of years. The lake was named Bear Lake by explorer Donald Mackenzie in the early 19th century due to the large number of bears he observed in the vicinity.

Throughout the years, Bear Lake has been a focal point for fur trappers, explorers, and settlers. The surrounding region has a captivating history, and visitors can immerse themselves in the tales of the Old West as they explore the area’s historical sites and landmarks.

Outdoor Recreation

Bear Lake is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, the lake and its surrounding areas have something for everyone.

Water Sports

The crystal-clear waters of Bear Lake are perfect for a variety of water-based activities. From boating and kayaking to jet skiing and paddleboarding, there are numerous ways to enjoy the lake’s stunning blue waters. Fishing enthusiasts will also find ample opportunities to reel in trophy-sized catches, with the lake being home to an abundance of fish species.

Hiking and Biking

Surrounded by pristine wilderness, Bear Lake is a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. There are countless trails that cater to all skill levels, offering panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Whether you’re embarking on a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, the natural beauty of Bear Lake will leave a lasting impression.

Winter Activities

When winter blankets the region in snow, Bear Lake transforms into a winter wonderland, inviting visitors to enjoy activities such as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. The surrounding mountains also offer excellent opportunities for downhill skiing and snowboarding, making Bear Lake a year-round destination for outdoor adventures.

Local Attractions

While the natural beauty of Bear Lake is undoubtedly the main draw for visitors, the area is also home to a number of charming attractions and points of interest.

Bear Lake State Park

Bear Lake State Park is an idyllic destination for visitors looking to soak up the sun and enjoy water-based activities. The park features several beach areas, picnic spots, and camping facilities, making it the perfect place for a family getaway or a relaxing day by the water.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to explore the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, home to diverse bird species and other wildlife. Birdwatching, wildlife photography, and nature walks are popular activities within the refuge, offering a serene escape into the natural world.

Local Cuisine

After a day of adventure, visitors can indulge in the local culinary delights that Bear Lake has to offer. The region is known for its delectable raspberry products, including raspberry shakes that are a must-try for anyone visiting the area. Additionally, there are numerous dining establishments that serve up a variety of dishes, from hearty comfort food to gourmet fare.


Bear Lake Utah, undoubtedly stands out as a prime destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its breathtaking natural beauty, coupled with a wealth of recreational opportunities, makes it a must-visit location for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re drawn to the lake for its water sports, hiking trails, or simply a peaceful retreat, Bear Lake offers an unparalleled experience that will leave a lasting impression.  More Bear KLAke Utah info: Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce