Unlimited Parking

Garden City has a very strict parking ordinance. Oso Blu is one of the few rental locations with virtually unlimited parking. Why? Oso Blu is located on 10 acres of private land in Garden City. If you have trailers, RV’s, UTV’s, jet ski’s, boats keep in mind Oso Blu will be one of the few places for you! You will be provided with two private parking spots near the yurts along with unlimited parking above the yurts for all other vehicles.

Garden City Code 8-607 B “All parking spaces shown on the Site Plan shall be available for parking and shall not be blocked or otherwise unavailable due to the storage of materials or for any other reasons. All vehicles shall be parked on the Property and shall not be parked on any adjacent property or public right-of-way’s. Vehicles including all motorized vehicles and such vehicle’s trailers, RV’s, boats, motor-homes, etc. shall be parked in license’s designated parking areas. Each trailer parked at a licensed property shall be considered a vehicle.” Consider the lot size when booking. Make it easy and stay with us!

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